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MISSION P4- How Values Drive our Lives w/RON OHST

Posted on February 12th, 2017

SERIES: MISSION- Our Mandate to join Jesus in Building His Church

MISSION P4- How Values Drive our Lives w/ RON OHST



1). VALUES: What They Are and How they Drive our Lives

-Values are usually unseen and not consciously thought of.

-Everybody has values.

-Values defind what is of worth to you, and can be discovered by what you give your time, energy and money to.

-Values guide and inform your decision making.

-Values are like the underground foundation of a building- though unseen, the quality and depth of the foundation wil determine the size, stability, and limits of the building.


2). VALUES Can Be Renewed / Romans 12: 1-3

-Renewed values can replace the old foundations of our lives.

-This is the outworking of salvation, the renewing of our minds, the process of sanctification.


3). The Process of Renewing our Values and Rebuilding the Foundation of our Lives / Romas 6:16-23

-The process is led by and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

-We are exposed to truth and we believe it.

-We choose to live according to our new beliefs- this is like pouring a new concrete foundation.

-As we continue to live according to the new revelation of truth, the new life choices move from being conscious to becoming subconscious values. This is the new concrete.

-Our new life beings to exhibit the fruit of living according to our new values.


4). Living According to Jesus' Mission and Vision is Ultimately an Issue of Values

-A foundational kingdom value: continuously seeking the next person we will help become a follower and lover of Jesus and fully connected member of Jesus' body on earth (the Church).

-Our Vision: For people everywhere to know and worship God in all His Glory and goodness.

-Our Mission: To build growing communities of whoppers who are becoming like Christ, empowered to do His work.

Matthew 16:18 / Luke 19:10 / 1 John 3:8b / John 17:18


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