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MISSION P3- How to Share the Message of God’s Love w/JIM MUMPER

Posted on February 5th, 2017

MISSION P3- How to Share the Message of God's Love w/JIM MUMPER


Practical Steps for Sharing the Good News

1). Always Be Prepared

2). Be Attentive to the Holy Spirit's Guidance and Leadership

3). Be Yourselve- unless you're a jerk / be nice

4). Look for a Bridge- don't jump / cross over it to meet the other person where they are

5). Be Truthful- no, alternative facts do not count

6). Live a Life of Intergrity- strive for excellence in your work, and who you are

7). When You Do Have the Opportunity to Tell the Good News of Jesus, Tell What You DO Know, and Not What You Don't Know

8). Keep It Simple and Real


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