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Posted on June 18th, 2017


I'm Back... w/GERRY OHST


Get ready to hear one amazing miracle story on GRACE TALKS.

Pastor Ron, Gerry Ohst (Ron's father), and Dave Ohst (Ron's brother) share in this special Father's Day message. Gerry's Dr, his cardiologist started calling him the "miracle man" after he apparently died around 8:45pm... on January 3rd when a massive heart attack stopped his heart and he had no neurological activity, but came back a little after midnight on January 4th. When the medical community tells you there is no medical explanation, it's an impossibility, it is a "miracle of God", it's no exaggeration to call it a miracle.
For Father's Day, I asked my dad if I could interview him at church and let him share some wisdom for fathers. 

Gerry Ohst is 84 year old. His heart seems completely fine, zero loss of cognitive ability, in fact he's healthier than before he "died" at the beginning of this year.

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